Settling in Canada Made Easier as the federal Government Moves to Aid over 800 Initiatives to help New Immigrants

The government of Canada has indicated interest to support different initiatives across the country. It aims to provide a comfortable settlement and integration for newcomers into the Canadian communities.


Following the recent media release from the statehouse, Ahmed Hussein, IRCC minister, declared that the IRCC had chosen about 824 projects that will aid immigrants in adapting to the environment in Canada.


“Canada is notorious internationally for its friendly immigration and settlement policies,” Hussain said during the statement. ”We are strongly optimistic that a move towards aiding new immigrants to understand the language, secure a job, and establish a successful life, will be beneficial to the whole of Canada.


One of the notable projects of such is “the Boys and Girls Club of Moncton.” It is an innovative program that will assist new immigrants to unleash their talents towards the growth of the Canadian communities and economy.


Other examples of the projects are:


  • Employment and entrepreneurial workshops
  • Aid for French-speaking immigrants
  • Language programs and training for work-related purposes
  • Initiatives for the support of the mental health and welfare of new immigrants
  • Programs that promote local integration and the combination of small communities, rural, and northern environments
  • Bringing-together and provisions for vulnerable individuals such as women, youth, LGBTQ2 migrants, and seniors.


The project is expected to span through 5 years (April 1st, 2020 till March 31st, 2025). The government will start providing financial support for these various programs as from April 2020.

Moreover, settlement agencies in Canada, can as well, utilize these coming supports that will be provided by the Federal government.

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