Settlement Agencies In Canada 4 factors you must Consider before you Sign Up!

There are several settlement agencies in Canada which offer several postlanding services, but you have to realize that the right choice of a settlement agency can fast track your process of settling down and even getting a job in Canada.

Canada is no doubt the 21st century land of opportunities and a country of destination for millions of immigrants around the world. However, Canada can be difficult for initial settlement as a new immigrant due to the full range of territories, new cultures, and above all, what works in your home country might not work in Canada. Therefore, you need to have an in-depth knowledge of the Canadian system, and this is why many people resort to the services of settlement agencies in Canada. Below are the significant things you must look out for in these settlement agencies before you make a choice.

Settlement Agencies in Canada:  What postlanding services  do they offer?

I decided to make this the first point because there are many documentations and registration you have to do on getting to Canada as a new immigrant. The settlement agency in Canada with the biggest number of visitors might not offer the best postlanding services that will suit your immediate necessity at that point.

“Did I hear you say why?” Okay, I’ve got the answer.

Recent research I conducted showed that 60% of settlement agencies in Canada offer more of prelanding compared to postlanding. It becomes necessary for you to do a background check for the available postlanding services that each settlement agency has at the moment and compare it with what you need before you decide to sign up. For example, you need to register for your health insurance card as a permanent resident, but you realize that the agency you want to work with offer these services but in conjunction with other packages that you do not need, e.g., transport guidance or library membership.

Also, from my years of experience in Toronto as a settlement agent, I discovered that settlement agencies in Canada have so many visitors daily, while some find it difficult to attend to everyone within the individual’s stipulated time. This results to a delay in processing. Obviously, it is not their fault but a result of visitors they receive each day. So many foreign immigrants fail people to take note of this due to their unfamiliarity with the new environment.

However, this is my advice to you; if you can’t afford to wait for so long as the popular agencies can keep you, then you need to use the upcoming or intermediate settlement agencies in Canada. The traditional ones are good, yes, but in some cases, you have to use the services of Canadian settlement agencies that are not overpopulated with visitors if you want immediate postlanding services. Another advantage is that these nonpopulated settlement agencies will want to boost their profile in the Canadian market and therefore, will strive to offer the best services to their customers.

Settlement agencies in Canada have Partnership with various Companies and Organizations 

Any settlement agency in Canada that promises you that they will provide all the postlanding services independently must be playing some fast-one on your unsuspecting intelligence. It would be best if you are cautious of this when choosing a settlement agency in Canada. How do you do this? Very simple! Do not be overwhelmed or too anxious about your arrival in Canada. This will help you to properly discuss with whoever is representing these agencies, either online or offline.

Ensure you properly ask for the timeframe which it will take to get a result for the postlanding services you seek from their company. Their representing agent has to inform you about the procedures, and how long it will require to process some of your request through their partner companies or organizations. You can as well have a physical interview with their representative to properly inquire on their mode of activity in Canada and the various Canadian companies the settlement agency partner with to deliver their services.

Settlement agencies in Canada are not a direct ticket to getting a Job

What comes to the mind of every immigrant is the job opportunities Canada has to offer. It is a healthy thought, but we need to realize that the use of settlement agencies in Canada does not guarantee a direct ticket to getting a job of your dream.

Getting a job in Canada can be a challenging resettlement process, however, settlement agencies in Canada can guide you on how to apply for these jobs. From my experience as an agent, I have come in contact with several clients that told me that the immigration agency they worked within their home country promised to provide a job for them on getting to Canada. This experience was pervasive among clients who came in through the Canadian Express Entry system.

Let me make this clear to you right now, some settlement agencies in Canada have connections with several employers in the Canadian workforce, so they get the job openings directly from these employers and advice their clients who have the required skills or experience in that field on how to Successfully apply for the job. They can as well provide the right CV formats for applying for jobs in Canada, but on your part, you need to do your homework. There are some trusted job sites in Canada that you can get suitable job vacancies from, and you can also read my post on how to get a job in Canada for foreign immigrants on arrival.

The point here is that no settlement agency in Canada will offer you a job; preferably, they will guide you on the right path towards securing the job. So, do not be deceived!

How much does it cost to sign up with settlement agencies in Canada?

The cost of signing up with a settlement agency in Canada varies based on their policies and respective postlanding services. However, it also relies on your negotiation and demand.

You must select the postlanding packages that suit your immediate demand and bargain based on such request. In some cases, immigrants who entered using an immigration consulting company in their home country might have paid for these fees as an extra cost to their contract. Ensure you properly understand what the company will offer based on those fees so that you can decide if such package will fit your need or not.

I would recommend that you use the postlanding services of the company that processed your Immigration services (either visit visa, work visa or permanent residency) because it will afford you less additional costs and it will make the process easier for your company since they already have your files and documents in their database. In some cases, the company will help you to start making the necessary applications and appointments even before your arrival in Canada.

I remember an experience with a client from Dubai. She got her permanent residency through our partner company in Dubai, and i got a job for her before she arrived in Canada. She got to Canada, did the necessary interview, and resumed her role as an accounting technician.

Also, you must take note that some settlement agencies in Canada will have to request for extra payment from you, especially for postlanding services such as initial accommodation and some documentation during your arrival in Canada. So, ensure you properly discuss with your desired agency about the cost and the facilities such fees will afford you and your family.

Either way, you are welcome to Canada, ensure you explore the amazing opportunities in this wonderful country. If you need any assistance regarding this information, you can contact us or send us an email via Don’t also forget to share this information on social media with your friends and relatives who need them.

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