How to get a job in Canada for Foreign immigrants on arrival

Let me welcome you to Canada – a country with a steady job and employment opportunities for both foreign immigrants who arrive in Canada, and its citizens. Settling in Canada after your arrival can be quite a challenging process as a new immigrant, and one of the questions that pop-up on the mind of the majority of foreign immigrants on arriving Canada is how to successfully secure a job in Canada.

Getting a job in Canada for foreign immigrants on arrival is indeed a challenging situation most people face when they arrive Canada, because you are new to the environment and you still do not have the experience that is required to scale through the job market.

Do not be overwhelmed; the process of getting a job in Canada as an immigrant on arrival becomes a lot easier if you have the right information about what the job market looks like. Therefore, with my experience as a settling agent over the years, below are the necessary information you need to know about how to get a job in Canada as a foreign immigrant on arrival this hurdle.

Steps to get a job for foreign immigrants on arrival in Canada

There is no magic to the steps for getting a job as a new immigrant! You have to polish your skills and prove to Canadian employers in your region that you can offer the quality and expertise that they seek from such position.

  • Settlement agencies

competent settlement agencies has proved to be an effective means over the years for so many new immigrants in Canada. These settlement agencies offer different Post-landing services that will help you to comfortably reside in the diverse cultural and economic environment of Canada. They have been in the country for many years, and some of them have built various connections with Canadian employers over the years, they understand how to go about the job market, and the kind of Canadian resume format you need to adapt to support your application. So, it is advisable to use the services of these post-landing agencies to stand a better chance.

  • Get a Job in Canada as a foreign immigrant through Human networks

Statistics have shown that about 60% of jobs are found in Canada through various networks which include social and human systems. However, we’ll focus on personal networks here – you need to get to meet people, interact with a lot of them and you never can tell who could link you to your next employer. Either as a new arrival or you have stayed for some years, Canada is a friendly environment for immigrants as you get to meet amazing people daily. Therefore, ensure you build a profile with everyone that comes in contact with you, get to know them and also show them you possess some admirable qualities that sets you outstanding as an immigrant.

  • Explore Job bank and other job sites

If you arrive in Canada in search of a job and you’re not using a job bank, then you are missing out on many employment opportunities as it is easy to use, and free for all. Although it compiles a comprehensive list of jobs available in Canada, some employers prefer not to use other job sites like Monster and Workopolis which are also the big wigs when it comes to getting job opportunities in Canada as a new Immigrant. Ensure you use the Canada sites of these online resources to avoid landing a job in the wrong place.

  • Get a job as an Immigrant on arrival in Canada through the use of Social Networks

A well-optimized social network profile can catalyze your process on landing a new job in Canada as an immigrant on arrival. Most employers tend to look for prolific skills and experienced individuals on social media and through this, you can stand a chance of getting a job even without going through other processes. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn are a great tool to achieve this with LinkedIn being the most outstanding among these for professionals. If you do not know how to optimize your LinkedIn profile, you can hire a LinkedIn expert online to help you to achieve so that you can strengthen your presence and connect with various employers and recruiters in Canada labor market.

Aside all these factors, the use of the Federal Express Entry Program as a means of immigration to Canada can also be another advantage as some employers would prefer to hire those immigrants who arrive Canada through these schemes for various reasons which include a certified educational qualification, some level of work experience, and Language Proficiency. You can always learn more about the Federal Express Entry Program in Canada.

I have highlighted these critical steps above on how to get a job on arrival as a foreign Immigrant, therefore, you have to show your recruiters or employers that you are willing to learn, adapt, and contribute effectively to their business or organization. All you need is a positive state of mind together with the right tools and information that will help you to stand out from other immigrants and competitors. Good luck in your quest for a new job in Canada.

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