5 Basic things you must do when you arrive in Canada

Canada is a great country, and it is your best bet if you are considering staying in North America. There are many opportunities for you in the vibrant economy of the not-too-populated country, and its high time you took advantage of that. Canada has a very supportive system, and you wouldn’t regret being there. You might be reading this with the hopes of knowing what you need to do when you first arrive in Canada. Don’t be scared; the processes are relatively straightforward. The system in Canada is supportive of newcomers, providing you with all you need to kick off the process of settling down, especially when you get the right postlanding services in Canada. You don’t need to get overwhelmed in the bulkiness of the necessary processes; i have hand-picked the five basic things you should first consider;

Get Housing

There are two options here; it’s either you have a contact in Canada, before your arrival or you don’t have any. If you have a relative, then it becomes convenient for you. However, if you are new to the country without no relative, you should consider getting a hostel through settlement agencies in Toronto or any other provinces you find yourself. These are your best options; you need the temporary housing services they provide. The great thing about this is that you can easily make your reservations online. Find out the costs involved, and make sure you have it budgeted out. The duration of your stay also matters, you need to need to know how long you would be staying at the temporary housing. This would help you get focused on getting fully settled, so you don’t waste time trying to have too much fun on arrival.

Apply for Health Insurance

Getting your health secured with the government is an essential process. It is compulsory for every citizen of Canada, as well as permanent residents, to key into the public health insurance scheme. It’s a pertinent process if you would stay in the country. The plan offered by the public health insurance schemes of different provinces differ. This warrants you to know the territory you would be settling in, and what it will provide in terms of health insurance. As part of their policy, some provinces might need you to stay for three months, before you can get insured while you wait for these provinces. Private insurance can go a long way. If questions are lingering in your mind, it’s best you contact the Provincial ministry of health or better still, stick to the use of Canada post-settlement services.

You need a Social Insurance Number (SIN)

The 9-digit number is necessary before you can receive any job offer from a Canadian employer. The SIN number is also your ticket to accessing some beneficial government programs. The application for SIN is straightforward. You can apply through email or in person at any Service Canada Office. However, you must provide your means of identification, especially your permanent resident card. Hence, it is safe to say you can only get this when you settle entirely.

Open a Canadian Bank Account

There is a level to the extent you would want to hold on to cash. Aside from the fact that it can get missing, it’s not a good idea to walk around with money. Common you are not on a tour.! Getting a personal bank account in Canada is not difficult. You can get your account, even if you don’t have a job, permanent residential address or if you are cashless at the moment. That’s how easy it is to have an account opened in your name. Once you can confirm your identity, then, you are good to go.

Connect with the larger community

Moving to Canada is fun; however, you won’t get things going with settling down if you don’t meet people – connect to the broader community.

You are in a new place; hence, relate with good people, and they would be instrumental in leading you through many processes. Have you Imagine not knowing where you can get food local to your initial home?

Making new friends will help you feel at home and accustomed to the diverse Canadian cultural environment. There are organizations designed to help newcomers as you connect to other people; you should leverage on that.

Canada is a great place, a land of opportunities, and you can’t afford to miss out on what you can achieve. Welcome to Canada!

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